Some of the recommendations Improve conditions at the Matatu stages Stop harassing food vendors/ handlers and Matatu drivers  Expedite provision of water construct toilets and sheds at the new matatu stages Consider views from Matatu Sacco representatives    The House has adopted an Adhoc-Committee on COVID-19 Emergency Response report that has
Rest In Peace Hon. Peter Karanja Mburu (Lakeview) Sunrise 1987:    Sunset 2020 As Hon. Peter Karanja Mburu was laid to rest at his Nyondia farm in Naivasha following a tragic road accident along Nakuru-Naivasha Highway on April 19, many eulogized him as a devoted and selfless leader who served his constituents without boundaries. Representing Nakuru
The Assembly has approved the formation of a 15-member Ad-hoc Committee to explore ways of helping in the fight against novel coronavirus in the County. The Committee will coordinate and serve as a linkage between the Assembly and the Nakuru County COVID-19 Emergency Response Committees. The team to be in collaboration with the other County
The Assembly has passed a Sh 478 Million Second Supplementary Appropriation Bill for the financial year 2019/2020 aimed at mitigating the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the County.    The Supplementary Budget is also aimed at installing of high mast streetlights across the County to address the instances of insecurity  arising from deterioration  of

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