Legislative & Procedural Services

The Director, Legislative and Procedural Services is the administrative services head for the procedure and business of the County Assembly. Duties and responsibilities for the Director include:-

  1. coordination and supervision of the functions and operations of the Directorate of Legislative and Procedural Services of the County Assembly; and

  2. responsible, to the Clerk of the County Assembly, for:

    1. the Table Office including marshalling of published Bills, Motions and Sessional Papers; and processing of weekly programme of Business and preparation and timely circulation of Order Papers and Votes and Proceedings of the County Assembly;

    2. The Journals Office including keeping custody of County Assembly Journals and records and archiving of those records;

    3. Matters connected to Parliamentary associations like CPA, IPU, and exchange programmes, Friendship Groups and International desks and Conferences; and

    4. Public Participation in Legislative process including responding to inquiries from Members, the staff, the public and other legislative bodies.