Mandate and Classification


The County Assembly of Nakuru has 21 committees which are classified into two:


  1. Agriculture

Deals with matters in relation to agriculture, animal disease control and fisheries etc;

  1. Health Services

Deals with all matters related to county health services, promotion of primary care, refuse dump and solid waste removal;

  1. Culture, Sports and Community services

Deals with all matters related to cultural activities, public entertainment and other recreational facilities;

  1. Roads, Transport and Public Works

Deals with all matters related to county roads, public works and services;

  1. Trade, Tourism, Cooperative and Planning

Deals with all matters related to trade development and regulations, outdoor advertising, county planning and statistics;

  1. Early Childhood Education and Vocational Training

Deals with all matters related to pre-primary education, village polytechnics and child care facilities;

  1. Labour, Gender, Youth and Social welfare

Deals with all matters relating to gender, youth, people living with disabilities, man power or human resourcing;

  1. Justice and Legal affairs

Deals with constitutional affairs, the administration of law and justice including ethics integrity and human rights; also deals with public petitions

  1. Information Communication Technology and e-government

Deals with all matters relating to access, development, use and skill in ICT and e-government

  1. Land, Housing and physical planning

Deals with land survey and mapping, rating, boundaries, fencing, housing and urban development;

  1. Governance and Security

Ensures and coordinates the participation of communities and locations in governance at the local level and assists communities in an administrative capacity;

  1. Energy, Environment and Natural resources

Deals with the implementation of policies on natural resources and environmental conservation and all matters relating to energy development



  1. House business committee

Prepares the Assembly calendar with the approval of the Assembly

Monitor and oversees the implementation of the Assembly Business and programmes

Determines the order in which the reports of the Committees shall be debated in the assembly

  1. Committee on Appointments

Considers for approval by the Assembly, appointments under Article 179(2) of the constitution.

  1. Committee on Selection

Nominates members to serve in committees, save for the membership of the House Business Committee and Committee on Appointments

  1. Public Accounts and Investments committee

Examines the accounts,  showing the appropriations of sum voted by the house to meet public expenditure.

Reports and accounts for all county public investments

  1. Finance, Budget and Appropriation committee

Shall investigate, inquire and report on all matters related to coordination, control and monitoring of the county budget

  1. Rules and Delegated Legislation committee

The committee considers and reports on all matters relating to the Assembly Standing Orders and all statutory instruments submitted to the Assembly pursuant to the Constitution or any written law

  1. Committee on Powers and Privileges

Inquires into any alleged breach by any member of the Assembly of the Code of Conduct into any conduct of any member of the Assembly within the precincts of the Assembly.

  1. Committee on Implementation

Scrutinizes the resolutions of the Assembly including committee reports, petitions and the undertakings given by the County Executive Committee.

  1. Liaison committee

The committee guides and coordinates the operations, policies and mandates of all committees

Considers programmes of all committees, including their need to travel sit away from the precincts of the assembly

Ensures that committees submit reports as required by the Standing Orders

  1. Members’ Welfare, Catering and Library committee

The committee shall liaise and consult with the county assembly service boarf on welfare, including the fitness of members and staff and the provision of catering and library services for members


The main role of the committees is to oversight the county executive and ensuring that programs in each department are effectively implemented for better service delivery.