Legal Services

The Director, Legal Services is the head of legal services function in the County Assembly. The Director/Deputy Clerk is responsible to the County Assembly for this service. The Director/Deputy Clerk supervises, guides, counsels, trains and develops all legal staff and co-ordinates administration and overall management of the legal services provided to the County Assembly which includes:-

  1. Formulation and dissemination of legal drafting policy in the County Assembly;

  2. Liaison with the Director, Litigation and Compliance and the Office of the Attorney General on litigation matters involving the County Assembly;

  3. Supervision of all Legal Counsel in the Directorate;

  4. Training of all Legal Counsel in the Directorate;

  5. Giving of legal opinions on matters before or relating to the County Assembly and Parliament and giving legal advice on commercial matters;

  6. Providing any other legal services that may be required by the County Assembly, its Committees, Parliament, the Speaker or the Clerk; and

  7. Carrying on legal research on matters before the Directorate.