Notice of Motion



Debated & Concluded



THAT, aware that Nakuru County is endowed with several revenue generating avenues;
FURTHER AWARE that the revenue raising streams have not been harmonized in terms of enforcement and developing solid revenue collection systems thus leading to revenue shortfalls every financial year;
APPRECIATING that this House passed a Revenue Administration Act, which establishes an office of the County Receiver of Revenue whose powers and functions includes among other things, enforcement of county revenue laws;
CONCERNED that the county Executive Committee Member responsible for revenue collection is yet to appoint the County Receiver of Revenue despite its existence in law;
NOTING that continuous absence of this office has severely hindered revenue collection in the county leading to shortfalls;

NOW THEREFORE, This House resolve that the CEC, Finance and Economic Planning to appoint the County Receive of Revenue as required by Section 5 of the Nakuru County Revenue Administration Act, 2016, and accordingly, notify the Assembly of the appointment.


Hon. Simon Mwangi





THAT, aware that Nakuru County has become an investment destination for many Kenyans, resulting to numerous construction of homes and other commercial buildings;
APPRECIATING that the process of approving building plans is rigorous and requires individuals concerned to physically present before the Lands, Housing and Physical Planning Department, the proposed building plans and other relevant documents;
CONCERNED that the physical approval of building plans has proved to be tedious, time consuming and has opened avenues for corruption and inefficiency hence denying the county of revenues and discouraging investment;
NOTING that most government services have been digitized in line with National Government ICT policy which includes online transactions and other web- based management information systems;

NOW THEREFORE, This assembly resolves that the CEC lands, Housing and Physical Planning to consider developing a digital platform to support online approval of building plans.


Hon. Peter Karanja Mburu





 THAT  aware that schedule four to the constitution mandated the county governments  be in charge of  water and sanitation services ; further aware that Nakuru county has several water companies including NAWASCO, NARUWASCO, NAIVASCO among others; Appreciating that the Article 43 1(c) states that “every person has the right to clean and safe water in adequate quantities”
Noting that the county government has, in the past not  streamlined water management and distribution hence leading to unfair  and uncoordinated distribution of water across the county and by extension denying  some residents in the  rural areas, their constitutional rights;
Cognizant that lack of clear guideline of water distribution has opened avenues for cartels across the county who engages in illegal sale and distribution of water in exchange of bribes; Concerned that the county government has systems and structures in place which can assist in streamlining water management;
This house resolves that, the county government, through the CEC, Environment, Water and Natural Resources establishes, in every ward, Water Management board to be in charge of water management in every ward, comprising of:
a) Ward Administrator, who shall be the secretary
b) Not more than nine other members nominated by the  community  
Further the CEC Environment Water and Natural resources to come up with regulations to guide the operations of the Ward Water Management Boards.


Hon. Moses Ndungu





2. THAT aware that Article 54 of the constitution recognizes the rights and entitlement of persons with disability; Further aware that that this House passed the Nakuru County Persons with disability Act no.12 of 2016 which establishes the Nakuru County Board for persons with disability, whose function is to, among other things, “put in place programs for self-employment for generation of income for persons with disability;
Appreciating that there exists different forms of disability including Persons with Severe disability; noting that one of the functions of the board is to cooperate with the National Government during census to ensure that accurate figures are obtained;
Appreciating that the National Government began a cash Transfer Programme to support persons with severe disability (PWSD) to a tune of kshs. 2,000 per month but which is not sufficient considering that PWSDs require specialized assistance;
Further concerned that not all persons with severe disability are registered hence making it impossible to benefit from the cash transfer Programme;
NOW THEREFORE, in order to comply with the Constitution of Kenya, persons with Disability Act no.14 of 2003 and the Nakuru County Persons with Disability ACT no.12 of 2016, this house resolves as follows:
a) THAT the County Government sets aside funds in the next financial year to cater for free medical cover for persons with disability;

b) THAT, the county Government through the CEC, Gender and Social Welfare  and the Nakuru County persons with Disability  Board updates the database of all persons living with severe disability and further to set aside some funds to supplement the cash transfer Programme by the National Government;


Hon. Isaac Wahome





THAT, aware that Nakuru County hosts several public and private hospitals, further aware that the hospitals play vital roles in terms of provision of healthcare services and other related  community outreach programmes;
Cognizant that increase in the population of patients in the hospitals has given rise to unfortunate social vices including rape, theft or disappearance of new-born babies, robbery among other social ills;
Appreciating that some hospitals have attempted to put security measures in place to curb the stated challenges but with little success;
Noting that several cases of rape, disappearance of infants and robbery have been reported in some  hospital thus causing trauma to the affected families and eliciting fear among those seeking services in such facilities; 
NOW THEREFORE, this House urges the County Government to ensure all major public and private hospitals installs CCTV cameras in their respective facilities as a measure to tackle insecurity in the hospitals.


Hon. Joyce Anyiso





THAT aware that county governments are mandated under the fourth schedule to the constitution to handle fire-fighting services and disaster management; further aware that Nakuru is a vast county geographically thus requires decentralized services in various aspects ;Cognizant that the county has experienced some of the worst fire disasters in the past, specifically in Naivasha, Molo, Sechangwan, Salgaa, Nakuru town among other areas; Appreciating that the county government has endeavored to acquire a few fire-fighting equipment’s but due to the vastness of the county, such are unable to effectively respond to fire incidences in the entire county; Concerned that the county is likely to continue losing lives and properties through fire incidences if strategies are not put in place to prevent and mitigate the effect of fire outbreaks;   This house urges the county government to consider purchasing at least five fire engines to be stationed across the county such that every two neighboring sub-counties are serviced by one fire engine.


Hon. Michael Njoroge Karanja





THAT aware that sports and cultural activities is a devolved function; further aware that Nakuru County boasts of several sporting activities including ball games and athletics; Cognizant that our county is a melting pot of cultural diversities; Noting that sporting activities are important in contributing to community identity and serves as a focal point for engagement, and a medium to reach persons of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds;
Appreciating that football players from Nakuru County have demonstrated immense talent in football both in domestic leagues and internationally, but the county government is yet to put in place sustainable mechanisms to tap into such talents; Concerned that failure to develop mechanism to nurture talents is likely to result into idleness amongst the youth thus opening avenues for criminal activities;
THEREFORE, this house urges the Department of Sports to come up with a comprehensive and sustainable plan to scout for talents across all Wards with a view of developing one football team which shall be fully sponsored by the County Government to compete in the National League.


Hon. Eddy Kiragu





THAT, aware that Nakuru County largely depends on Agriculture as a major economic activity, further aware that various forms of agriculture are practiced in different parts of the county;
Appreciating that crop and animal husbandry is a devolved function under part II of the fourth schedule to the constitution; Noting that most households depends on small- scale agricultural ventures for their livelihoods; Further noting that the county government, for a long time, HAS NOT invested in Integrated Information Management System in Agricultural Sector especially in  monitoring agricultural activities; 
Cognizant that most small-scale farmers market their  produce either through cooperatives, middlemen  or  directly to consumers thus making it difficult to obtain accurate data of the Average agricultural produce in the county; Concerned that lack of high quality data in the agricultural sector hinders both advocacy and policy analysis efforts aimed at informing actions to support agriculture;
THEREFORE, this House urges the County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture to consider engaging the relevant stakeholders including Cooperative Societies and Agricultural Extension Officers and come up with integrated Agriculture Information Management System to improve agriculture in the county.


Hon. Kibet Kurgat





THAT WHEREAS the County Government owns several equipment’s including machineries , motor vehicles and other  construction equipment’s; acknowledging that most of the equipment’s were purchased several years before and have since become inefficient and prone to breakdowns;

Further aware that the county government spends huge sums of money in maintaining and repairing such equipment’s;

appreciating that sections 163 and 164 of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act no 33 of 2015 provides for the procedure of disposing unserviceable , obsolete and obsolescent equipment’s or assets, which among other things include formation of a committee to verify and process all disposal recommendations in liaison with the relevant heads of procurement;

CONCERNED that failure to explore the disposal mechanisms provided for in law to dispose the obsolete equipment’s, the county government shall continue incurring unjustified expense on maintenance of the equipment’s;

NOW THEREFORE pursuant to the provisions of sections 163, 164, 165 and 166 of the public procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015, this House resolves that the county Government considers disposing obsolete and unserviceable equipment’s to save the county government from unnecessary expenditure on maintenance and repairs


Hon. Zacharia Kairu





That whereas part two of fourth Schedule to the constitution of Kenya assigns the county governments powers to be in charge of county transport, including county roads; Appreciating that Nakuru county has several road networks including access and feeder roads; Noting that increase in uncontrolled human activities has resulted to encroachment of the said roads cognizant that there exists several legal documents including legislations and survey plans indicating specific measurements in width in every category of roads; Concerned that  failure to ensure strict adherence  to the road specification may encourage encroachment and putting up of illegal structures along the road reserves, this House resolve as follows:

a)       The department of infrastructure to immediately begin inspection of all access and feeder roads and ensure all illegal structures falling within the roads as indicated in the plan  are cleared and necessary action taken on the offenders

b)       The laying of underground water pipes across the roads are done in accordance with the prescribed standards in terms of  measurements in depth








Aware that article 43(1) provides that every person has a right to health care services, further aware that such rights may not be realized unless the Government puts in place proper mechanism to attain sustainable health care; nothing that National Hospital Insurance Fund Act recognizes the rights of every adult to contribute to the Fund; Cognizant that the general public has not fully appreciated the  benefits of NHIF hence low number of contributors;  Recognizing that majority of Kenyans are financially unstable therefore may not afford the high costs of treatment; Appreciating that the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) has rolled out a Programme to sensitize Kenyans to register with the Fund in a bid to relieve the from high medical bills,

NOW THEREFORE, This house resolves that the county government to consider exploring mechanisms of partnering with NHIF to conduct sensitization program in all Wards in the county and further to involve the offices of Members of the County Assembly in the program.



Hon. Doreen Korir






AWARE that Article 42 of the Constitution provides that every person has a right to a clean and healthy environment, which includes the right “To have the environment protected for the benefit of present and future generations through legislative and other measures…”


Further aware that Part 2 of the fourth Schedule in the Constitution of Kenya also explicitly provides that the County Governments shall be responsible for; refuse removal, refuse dumps and solid waste disposal; Appreciating that population in Nakuru County is steadily growing   especially in urban settlements leading to human activities which generate large quantities of solid waste; Concerned that the county government does not have a proper solid waste management systems especially in Nakuru town thus spillage of garbage in most parts of the streets;

Noting that Waste can be sorted into recyclable, bio-degradable, and hazardous;

This House resolves that the County Government through the Ministry of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources provides

A)     Labeled litter bins for recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste in the major streets of Nakuru town at a distance of not more than 50 meters apart.

B)     installing suitable facilities in every shopping Centers across the county for temporarily holding waste/ garbage  awaiting weekly collection


Hon. Elizabeth Gichuki






THAT,  Aware that Article 43 of the Constitution provides for, among other matters, the right to the highest attainable standard of health which includes the right to health care service; further, aware that lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension among other diseases have been on the rise in Nakuru county due to lack of proper preventive strategies; Noting that primary prevention and screening for chronic diseases are considered the best strategy to curtail the rise; Cognizant that big percentage of the residents of Nakuru county are economically disadvantaged thus  may not afford screening services offered at a fee; Concerned that continuous absence of preventive strategies is likely to transfer economic burden of treatment and management of the chronic diseases to an already financially challenged population: NOW THEREFORE, , This House resolves that the County Government through the CEC Health services, in consultation with the County Assembly Members develops a comprehensive Annual  program for conducting comprehensive and exhaustive  screening and other primary prevention services for cancer, diabetes, hypertension  and other chronic diseases in  all wards on rotational basis.


Hon. Peter Mbae


9th April, 2019



THAT, aware that Article 73(2)(d) and (e) of the Constitution of Kenya provides for accountability of a state officer  to the public, for decisions and actions as a key guiding principle of leadership and integrity, further aware that Article 183 of the Constitution  and section 36(1) of the County Governments Act, 2012 provides for the functions of the County Executive Committee; Noting that section 40 of the county governments Act, 2012  provides for grounds upon which a County Executive Committee Member may be removed from office; Cognizant that the House, on 26th March, 2019 debated a Report of the Committee on Transport and Public Works which raised pertinent issues on the conduct of the Eng. Lucy Kariuki, , this Assembly RESOLVES to remove  Eng. Lucy Kariuki from the office of County Executive Committee Member, Infrastructure on the  following grounds:

a)    Incompetence

i.                     Failure to implement and coordinate the programs in the department of Roads and Public Works, specifically mishandling of the Boresha Barabara Program that has led to incompletion of roads in the county despite the county Assembly appropriating funds for the projects.

ii.                   Failure to offer leadership and general coordination and supervisor of the operations in the Roads department including, bad working relationship with officers in the department leading to inefficiency and sabotage.  

b)    Gross Misconduct

Failure to honor committee invitations without justifiable reasons contrary to the provisions of Article 195 of the constitution. The CEC failed to honor eight, out of twelve invitations to appear before the committee on transport and Public Works.

c)     Abuse of Office

i.                     Continuous interference with the procurement process in the department of Infrastructure, contrary to the provisions of Public Procurement and disposal Act, 2015. The CEC orders procurement that falls within the department of Infrastructure to be conducted in the department of Health.

ii.                   Use of derogatory and disrespectful language when engaging members of the county Assembly. The CEC in extreme cases profiled members based on their ethnicity and locality, an act that could easily trigger tribal animosity   




Hon. Michael Machembu





THAT, WHEREAS Article 43 of the Constitution provides  for among other matters, rights to the highest attainable standards of health including health care services; Aware that most residents of Nakuru, especially the indigents may not attain such constitutional rights owing to their economic status ; cognizant that the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) offers affordable  medical cover to all Kenyans upon fulfilling certain conditions; NOW THEREFORE, This house resolves that The County government through the Departments of Culture and Social Services, Heath  and the Treasury to come up with criteria for  identifying the vulnerable persons in each ward with a view of providing such persons with free medical cover as espoused in the Jubilee Big Four agenda.




Hon. Karanja Mburu





THAT, aware that Article 54 of the constitution enumerates the entitlements of persons with disability including  rights to reasonable access to all places and public transport, rights to be treated with dignity and respect, right to access educational institutions and facilities for persons with disability; Further aware that section 21 of the Persons with Disability Act, 2013 provides that  Persons with disabilities are entitled to a barrier-free and disability-friendly environment to enable them have access to buildings, roads and other social amenities, and assistive devices to promote their mobility; Noting that most county government office buildings do not have disability friendly equipments therefore denying them their constitutional rights to access all places; Cognizant that failure to provide disability friendly facilities is  tantamount to violation of the rights of persons with disability and by extension an affront to the constitutional provisions; NOW THEREFORE, this house resolve that the county government to immediately commence inspection of all County government buildings and ensure compliance with constitution in terms of accessibility and mobility for persons with Disability.   



Hon. Philip Rotich





THAT, WHEREAS Article 43 of the Constitution provides  for among other matters, rights to the highest attainable standards of health including health care services; Aware that most residents of Nakuru, especially the indigents may not attain such constitutional rights owing to their economic status ; cognizant that the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) offers affordable  medical cover to all Kenyans upon fulfilling certain conditions; NOW THEREFORE, This house resolves that The County government through the Departments of Culture and Social Services, Heath  and the Treasury to come up with criteria for  identifying the vulnerable persons in each ward with a view of providing such persons with free medical cover.



Hon. Karanja Mburu.





THAT whereas article 41 (1) of the constitution provides that every worker has a right to reasonable working conditions; further Aware that the Occupational Safety and Health Act , 2007 provides for among other matters, the duties of occupiers including: making arrangements for ensuring safety and absence of risks to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances; provision of  information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the safety and health at work of every person employed; Appreciating  that Nakuru County has licensed several firms to undertake various economic activities; Noting that some companies have not fully complied with the provisions of the law on safety thus leading to accidents which, in some instances have caused severely  disability; Acknowledging that victims of accidents are not compensated by firms due to lack of group life insurance cover.

NOW THEREFORE, this House resolves that all firms operating in the county be compelled to have appropriate insurance cover for their employees.




Hon. Mary Waiganjo





THAT, WHEREAS the fourth schedule to the Constitution devolves pre- primary education function to the County Governments; Acknowledging that the purpose of pre- primary education is to support children’s growth, provide them with knowledge and skills needed in life and to improve children capacity for learning; Appreciating that there exists several Early childhood education centers in Nakuru  County both as independent  and dependent on the  primary schools;

Noting that the County Government in every financial year allot funds to support early childhood education through construction of the learning blocs, recruitment of teachers and provision of meals

Concerned that a number of Early Childhood Education centers across the county especially independent are not captured in the database of the department of Education, ICT & e-Government hence may not enjoy the support offered by the County Government; 

NOWTHEREFORE, This house resolves that the County Government through the Department of Education, ICT & e-Government, to commence registration of all unregistered early childhood education centers to make them eligible for County Government support.



Hon. Peter Mbae.





Aware that autism is a developmental disorder of neurobiological origin that can have lifelong effects in social interaction, ability to communicate ideas and feelings, imagination and establishment of relationships;

Noting that Autism is one of the categories in special education and is a serious, lifelong and disabling condition and without the right support it can have a profound effect on individuals and families;

 Concerned that many children with disabilities in our Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers drop out due to unconducive school environment occasioned by the lack of equipment and facilities;

This House urges the County Government to;

1. Establish and construct specific classrooms for children with special needs to accommodate autistic learners with a learning space that is appropriately modified and furnished with special equipment and learning materials as needed to accommodate their educational needs with an eventual goal of integration with neuro-typical students where applicable.

2. Provide early and accurate diagnosis of autism; train and employ teachers, paraprofessionals and multidisciplinary personnel such as Speech and Occupational therapists as needed who are certified and well trained in effective Autism intervention techniques backed by science and research such as applied behaviors Analysis and individualized educational plans.

3. Have a referral system for severe autism cases.

4. Establish a committee to address non-compliance and violations with the primary objective being of mastering academic goals to ensure that interventions are accessible and effective to guarantee the success of inclusive education for learners diagnosed with autism.




Hon. Karanja Mburu







THAT , whereas this House appropriates finances to      among other programmes, finance development projects each financial year; Aware that numerous projects have been, and continue to be implemented each financial year in accordance with the procurement laws; Cognizant that every project has a specified implementation period that should be adhered pursuant to the provisions of section 135 of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act; Noting that the County Government of Nakuru has witnessed undue delay in completion of projects across the fifty five wards due to laxity exhibited by some contractors now therefore, this house resolves that the County Government profiles and blacklists, for a specified period, all the contractors who have failed to complete projects within the set timelines without justifiable reasons .




Hon. Erick Gichuki







THAT whereas section 29 of the Urban Areas and Cities Act 2011 read together with section 16 of the Urban Areas and Cities Amendment Act 2019 provides for competitive appointment of Municipal Manager; Aware that this house adopted the Nakuru and Naivasha Municipality Charters which among other matters provides for the procedures for appointing the Municipal Board Manager cognizant that at the time of the approval of the charters, the County Government did not have the County Public Service Board in place hence making it impossible to recruit the managers. Appreciating that this house has since vetted and approved for appointment, members of the County Public Service Board; now therefore, this house resolves that the County Public Service Board immediately commences the process of recruitment of the Municipal Board Managers for Naivasha and Nakuru municipalities in accordance with the provisions of the Urban Areas and Cities Act.




Hon. Peter Nyaguthii






That aware that Article 178 of the Constitution provides that each County Government shall have the County Executive Members, further aware that Article 183 of the Constitution and section 36 of the County Governments Act, 2012 provides for the functions of the Executive Committee Members; noting that the functions provided for herein are crucial in the operations of a County Government; appreciating that his house vetted and approved for appointment the County Executive Committee Members in various County Government departments; concerned that the department of infrastructure does not have a substantive CEC hence delaying implementation of crucial projects in the County; further concerned that the acting CECM for infrastructure holds a substantive office that is equally demanding therefore unable to effectively double up as CECM , infrastructure. Now therefore this house resolves that H.E the Governor nominates and forwards to the Assembly, substantive County Executive Committee Member for infrastructure for further consideration in line with Article 179(1)(b) of the Constitution.  




Hon. Stanley Karanja







That, this House approves the formation of an Adhoc committee to coordinate and act as a linkage between the Assembly and the County Government of Nakuru COVID 19 Emergency Response Committee as follows-

Hon Symon Mwangi -Rongai

Hon George Kiere -Njoro

Hon. Kamau Githengi- Nakuru Town West

Hon. Mary Waiganjo -Subukia

Hon. Micheal Machembu-Bahati

Hon. Kariuki Mugi -Gilgil

Hon. Njuguna Mwaura- Molo

Hon. Karanja Mburu- Naivasha

Hon. Cyrus Mitei- Kuresoi North

Hon. Rose Chepkoech-Kuresoi South

Hon. Eddy Kiragu -Nakuru Town East



Leader of majority party







Aware, that this House passed a supplementary budget to among other issues address the global pandemic of COVID 19; Further Aware that H.E the Governor appointed Sub County and Ward COVID 19 Emergency Response Committees as part of its preparedness to respond to the COVID 19 Noting this House approved the formation of an ad hoc committee to coordinate and act as a linkage between the County Assembly and the County Government of Nakuru COVID 19 emergency response committees, now therefore this house urges the County Executive to observe guidelines;

1.       That all ward committees should meet officially and come up with modalities to identify the beneficiaries by Monday, 20th April 2020.

2.       That all committees should have the list of beneficiaries ready by Friday 24th April, 2020

3.       That the county COVID 19 response committee shall deal with oversight and policy guidelines.

4.       That the ward committee shall be the basic unit of interpretation and implementation of all policy guidelines from the county committee as follows:

a)       Carry out training and capacity building on all   actors and public on Covid 19 response

b)       Carry out all information and education initiatives to the public on Covid 19

c)        Activate early warning systems on Covid 19 and other preventive measures

d)       Identify all vulnerable cases to benefit from any social welfare assistance from the county Government

e)        Coordinate with other groups within the wards including Assistant County Commissioner, community health workers and volunteers and other actors to achieve the above .

5.       That each of the 55 wards in the county has been allocated Kshs 3.7 million and an additional Kshs 1.5 million for 30 wards.

6.       Procurement of all supplies to be done at the ward level


7.       That all purchases shall be exclusively sourced from the ward and in cases where such supplies are not available, the same shall be noted in a full committee meeting with requisite quorum  before supplies are sourced elsewhere


8.       The quorum of the ward committees shall be two thirds, which shall be observed at all times for decisions to be made. For ward committees, the ward administrator shall be the secretary.


9.       The elected and nominated MCAS shall be ex official members of the ward committees.


10.   The funds to the wards may be utilized as follows;


a)       purchase of foodstuffs

b)      purchase of non-foodstuffs including supply of water, waste management, sanitizers, soap, gloves, masks and other provisions in fight against covid 19

c)       purchase of farm inputs


12.   That donations shall be distributed to various villages  and sub locations in respect to the population census report 2020 to observe rules of equity, equality and regional balance


13.   That donations from individual and organizations may present their support to the Sub County and Ward committees in addition to the County committee.



Hon. Peter Mbae







Whereas the Fourth schedule to the Constitution distributes Agriculture function including crop production and animal husbandry to County Governments Noting that Agriculture is the main economic mainstay in Nakuru County the County Government of Nakuru through the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries  came with a program of livestock registration with Kenya livestock breeders organisation through Kenya stud book (KSB) whose headquarters are  located in Nakuru;

Cognizant that registration offers a wide range of benefits to our farmers, example monitoring performance of the animal at the farm level, form the basis in making management decisions , value addition registered and recorded stock fetch better prices in the market compared to unregistered ones; a registered dairy cow fetches Kshs 80,000 to Kshs 350,000 while unregistered one fetches about Kshs 20,000 to 100,000 , ease in sourcing information on marketing of livestock through the records of livestock through the data in Kenya Stud Book , act as resource materials for research by research  institutions and efficient registration leads to informed advice on increased production hence improvement in County and National food security

Aware that animals registered includes cattle(dairy and beef) , goats(dairy and meat), sheep(wool and meat) pigs rabbits camels and charges are as follows; class cost pool(cross breed) kshs 200, foundation cow kshs 250, intermediate cow Kshs 300, appendix cow kshs 300 pedigree cow kshs 400, dairy bulls only pedigree kshs 1,000 and charges are made once in the lifetime of an animal

Now therefore, this house resolves that the County government through the department of Agriculture to train ten (10) trainer of trainers (TOT) from each ward who will thereafter train the farmers in the wards.




Hon. Moses Kamau







THAT, Aware that Nakuru County hosts National  Park and game reserves that are homes to various species of wildlife, Further aware that these wildlife acts as tourist attraction thus markets Nakuru County as  a Tourism destination; Noting that wild animals especially baboons and monkeys roam freely along the Nakuru-Naivasha highway hence prompting travelers to feed them by throwing food containers from moving vehicles; concerned that these acts often results to traffic build-up and poses extreme danger to the wildlife; further concerned that close contact of human- wildlife if not monitored , may lead to contracting of  communicable diseases;

Now therefore, this House resolves that the County Government through the Department of Trade and Cooperative Development erects billboards at designated areas along the highway to warn commuters against feeding the wild animals.




Hon. Gladys Kairu







THAT, whereas Article 54 of the Constitution of Kenya gives rights and entitlements to persons with disabilities including access to use of sign language, braille or other appropriate means of communication; further aware that Section 20 of the Persons with Disability Act,2003 provides for mechanisms for ensuring the rights of such persons are upheld, in specific, availing field medical personnel to local health institutions for the benefit of persons with disabilities, prompt attendance by medical personnel to persons with disabilities among others; Concerned that most health facilities in the County have not put in place measures to assist persons with visual and hearing impairment when seeking medical services, Cognizant that failure to put in place such measures is against the provisions of the Constitution and a violation of the rights of persons with disability, this House resolves that the County Government employs appropriate persons including sign language interpreters to be deployed in each Sub-County hospital.  




Hon. Rose Karugi







THAT, aware that Part Two of the fourth schedule to the Constitution assigns Agriculture function to the County Governments, further aware that Agriculture is the main economic activity in Nakuru County, Appreciating that the National Government in consultation with the County Government distributes free fertilizers to support farmers across the County;  Concerned that the criteria set by the Government for farmers to access free fertilizer only recognizes availing Title Deeds as proof of land ownership, further concerned that most farmers in Dundori, Bahati, Kabatini   and other areas  through a formal arrangement with the Forestry Department ,practices  “shamba system” of farming. Noting that the criteria as currently applied does not recognize such arrangements therefore denying the affected farmers, access to free fertilizers.

This House urges the Department of Agriculture to explore the inter-governmental relations mechanisms available to recognize the shamba system farmers and make them eligible to access free fertilizers.




Hon. Michael Machembu







THAT, whereas article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya states that every person has a right to education; aware that most families in the county are low income earners  hence may not afford to finance post primary education; Appreciating that this House appropriates financial resources  every fiscal year  to among other matters support students from poor backgrounds attain secondary and higher education; Cognizant that the monies allocated for purposes of bursary is not based on any demographics therefore disadvantages wards with huge population, This house resolves that the going forward, the county government through the Department of Education and Vocational training comes up with a formula of disbursing the bursary fund based on the population of eligible beneficiaries in each ward using the latest population census.




Hon. Njuguna Mwaura